About Oak Ridge Roofing

We are a professional roofing company that is based in Des Moines. We have been in business for over 10 years, making us one of the top experts in the industry. We love what we do and our goal is to keep American citizens safe from the rain, hail, and snow.
We take roofing seriously because we understand that roof is a crucial part of every building. If the roof is built improperly and it starts leaking it can cause critical issues to the entire construction. We promise our customers that such a scenario would never happen to them.
During these years in business, we have dealt with a ton of projects of different complexity and we have always delivered an outstanding solution.
Our reputation is important to us, so we take every single project seriously. Just take a look at the feedback from our customers:

A review of a person with an insurance claim.
A review of an oak ridge roofing job.
A google review of a minnesota company

We are here to provide you with an excellent service that will keep you warm and safe and also will decorate your house. You are guaranteed to receive copliments from neighbours!

Below you can see some of the projects that we have done in the past.

If you have any questions just reach out to us via this number: (515) 478-3149

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